HyperX Cloud II Product Review

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Why this is the best pc gaming headset ?

HyperX Cloud II - Gaming Headset, 7.1 Surround Sound

4.6 / 5                        Ratings on amazon  till now

12,826                       Users rated this product on amazon till now

926                             Answered questions on amazon

Sound surround        Hyper X 7.1


Connectivity             Wired / Wireless

Noise Control           Active noise control

Special feature         Universal phone control

Comfort                    Legendary

Frame                        Durable aluminum frame

Audio control           Advanced audio control box

Mic                             Detachable mic

Brand                          Hyper X

Affordability              $ 99  -  $125

Platform                      PC, PS4, XBOX one

Our Thoughts

From the sound quality to the level of comfort while wearing them, the Cloud II Wireless headset excels. When we hold them in our hands, they feel a little too light, but on our head, they're as light as a...well, cloud. The fact that we can move around with the headset on adds to the convenience, since the audio profile remains crisp and clear without tethering us to a device. The best of everything that we can get under this price range. A hell of a gamer's choice. We would like to thank hyperX for building such a great quality headsets under the affordable price range. It is one of the best pc gaming headsets of all time. It is also listed by forbes under the best gaming headset in 2021 category as the most comfortable gaming headset.

Product Highlights

hyper x 7.1 sound surround
legendary comfort
durable aluminum frame
detachable mic

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