HyperX cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

HyperX cloud Alpha Gaming Headset
HyperX cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

The thing i really like about music is that there's always that new catchy song that we fall crazy with. If you're like me, you may play that new catchy song over and yet again until you never want to listen to it again.

Then you discover that one song that's so catchy, so special, that you simply could hear it all day, every day. you recognize the lyrics just like the back of your hand.

For me, that song is Fortune Teller by Robert Plant. Close your eyes and take a hear this song. It tells a story so believable that you simply can practically picture Robert Plant falling dotty with the fortune teller.

Just by paying attention to a song like that one, you'll create an environment and picture things happening within the song. It’s amazing what the human mind can just do by taking note of things.

As an off-the-cuff gamer, that very same imagination and fine-tuned listening happen each time I click the play button on a game. In Rainbow Six Siege you hear the gunfire, people walking, or the target getting ready to be set out and every one of it can get your heart pumping with adrenaline. within the Far Cry 5, you fill in an open-world forest with animals yelping, rain falling onto your head, and also the enemy planning an attack.

While something is going on on the screen for your eyes to visualise, if you shut your eyes and listen you'll be able to hear all of these sounds and film yourself within the shoes of your character.

The graphics make the sport look pretty, but it’s the sounds that bring the sport to life. this can be why an inexpensive headset can’t offer you the gaming experience you deserve.

A gamer needs a headset to administer them precise sounds to see the space of the gunfire or the animal’s roar. we want a brand that understands gaming the maximum amount as we do.

When you open the merchandise box of a HyperX product, you may find atiny low sheet of paper congratulating you on joining the #HyperXFamily. The letter states that the purchased product is geared towards innovation in gaming equipment. HyperX could be a brand that understands gaming the maximum amount as we do.

Back in 2014, I reviewed the HyperX Cloud headphones, a headset that was budget-friendly and geared towards gamers. With the first Cloud headset being Kingston’s first entry into gaming peripherals, they made sure it'd be respected. It wasn’t a surprise to determine or not it's quickly loved by gamers, including myself.

Just a year after the first Cloud headphones, HyperX released the second revision dubbed the Cloud II. From there, their success rapidly grew to today’s merchandise of multiple Cloud headsets.

The Cloud Alpha is that the fourth installment to the Cloud wares featuring a premium look and feel, plus an unprecedented gaming experience.

Welcome to my review of the Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha headset.


HyperX only offers their headsets during a black and red color combination. the colour red is commonly gamer focused and it complements the black nicely.

When I reviewed the HyperX Cloud Revolver, i discussed that it really reminded me of a Gears of War theme. Shortly after publishing that review HyperX came out with a Gears of War variant for the Revolver. Coincidence aside, i'm visiting make another color variant recommendation for the Alpha: a dark gray paired with a purplish blue.

Enough fantasizing, the Cloud Alpha is coated in an exceedingly matte-black rubber material with the earcups being made of aluminum. to feature a spice of vibrant color, there's the notable red aluminum headband adjustment arms. The red coloring is additionally found on the HyperX logos which are during a large font placed on both ear cups.

The attention to detail found on the Cloud Alpha is kind of remarkable. Although this may go unnoticed by many, the stitching on the leatherette headband is completed in this same red color found everywhere the headset. Nobody will ever pay close attention to the stitching and it could have o.k. are drained black but having it in red speaks volumes to me.

My love for the red coloring doesn’t stop there. HyperX didn’t use a red red, but more of a powder-coated red that somewhat darkens the colour. It jogged my memory of automotive paint where the colour is smooth, but it's depth.

Moving on to the ear cups, both of them remain rather subtle with few mentionable design characteristics. They use an oval-shaped ear opening which is more desirable for long gaming sessions and contain the HyperX logo mentioned earlier.

Connecting the ear cups to the headscarf are the upside-down U-shaped aluminum arms. Their thicker design prevents vibrations from travelling down into the ear cups and adding a ringing to your ears.

As they're aluminum, they're strong, yet give enough for them to be stretched and pulled. they're connected to a height-adjustment guide rail with enough height adjustment notches to suit most head sizes.

There aren’t any buttons, lights, or anything spectacular about the I/O aside from the left ear cup containing the detachable headphone cable jack moreover because the detachable microphone jack.

On the within of the ear cups, the form-fitting memory foam is surrounded by an opulent leatherette that seems like the 000 deal. Combined with the plush and cozy memory foam I can easily say that wearing the Cloud Alpha may be a great experience.

That same leatherette and memory foam are found on the scarf, and there’s more of it. Even with the headphones cinched down, the froth does a decent job of preventing head strain.

Unfortunately, the leatherette and memory foam locks in heat and even once I wasn’t gaming (I was putting this on ink review) my head began to urge warm within the areas touched by the headphones. I wasn’t sweating, even while gaming, but your head can get warm.

Included within the product box, HyperX provides two braided cables for the Cloud Alpha. the primary cable is supposed to be connected to the Cloud Alpha and contains an inline volume and mute controller. This cable terminates in a very single 3.5mm headphone jack.

If you would like more cable or require a separate headphone and microphone jack, the second braided cable helps in both regards.

I have reviewed plenty of HyperX headsets and therefore the Cloud Alpha wins my design award. the eye to detail and also the colour scheme is ideal. Even when held within the hands they feel strong and sturdy yet offer a light-weight wearing experience.


These headphones may look and feel great, but how they perform is one in all the foremost important aspects. a real gamer goes to worry more about how they perform over how they give the impression of being.

Creating the sound are 50mm dual chamber speakers. At 50mm, these speakers are massive and bigger than most speakers on other headsets. Even some music-focused audio-grade headphones don't likened to drivers this size.

To contain more of the sound within the ear cups, the Cloud Alpha uses a closed-back design which prevents sounds from leaking past the leatherette material. Likewise, it prevents sounds around you from entering the headphones.

While being attentive to music and typing this review, I could barely hear my clattering keyboard as I typed. When someone wanted to interrupt me, that they had to induce up close before I could hear them. These headphones don't have any active noise cancellation, but they need a powerful passive effect.

Continuing with the speakers themselves, they need a better than normal impedance at 65 ohms. Most headphones attain at 25 ohms, but with the next impedance comes better sound and therefore the Cloud Alpha may be connected to higher grade audio equipment.

One of the talking points utilized by HyperX is their dual chamber system. By separating the lows, mids, and highs, the speakers can better reproduce each style of sound more accurately yet as make them more apparent to your ears.

In reality, it does sound like each category is well merged. You get the sense that the sound is clearer and counted all collectively harmonic noise instead of separate channels. it's going to be my hyper-awareness hearing a difference, but it sounded even as nice as my Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pros.

HyperX says that one among the chambers is to assist boost the bass within the speakers. Running a bass-heavy tune, they are doing pound on your head quite well.

Following my bass testing, I listened to an assortment of music genres but mainly focused on rock and roll as that's I what I hear daily.

Running the best bitrate audio possible through Pandora, the Cloud Alpha sounds remarkably good. All musical instruments for all genres were clear and well liked. the sole complaint i've got about being attentive to music is that on some songs I felt as if the vocals were often at the identical level because the instruments. This meant it had been harder to sing.

Increasing the amount helped diminish the matter, but these headphones could do with an equalizer because it can sound a bit flat sometimes.

Cranking up the amount on these headphones causes them to induce very loud. So loud that they'll rattle the headset itself. a robust positive is that even at maximum volume you'll be able to still hear them with no noticeable distortion.

Jumping over to the gaming side of things, the Cloud Alpha performs even as you'd expect it to.

n fast-paced games like Rainbow Six Siege you'll hear the bullets fly past you, people running upstairs, and whether it had been the window on your left or right that just shattered.

In slower games like Factorio or Civilization VI, you may hear little details like the machines in Factorio hammering away or the Civilizations making hammer noises as they build a replacement city.

Overall, i'd say that the Cloud Alpha does a good job at gaming and would satisfy the headphone needs of any gamer. they're comfortable, sound great, and allow you to target your game with the closed-back design.

I still stand by my earlier touch upon how the Cloud Alpha may gain advantage from an equalizer or adjustment to how sounds are blended together, but in games this wasn’t an issue whatsoever.

When it involves the detachable microphone, the bendable and positional microphone is great to use. you'll be able to place it wherever you please, and therefore the pop-filter could be a nice touch. For muting the headset, you'll be able to either unplug the microphone or use the inline mute put on the detachable cable.

Using the microphone in Discord, i assumed it sounded and performed flawlessly. The person on the receiving end also felt the identical because it captured everything I said on every occasion.

Lastly, the Cloud Alpha is supported for practically every device imaginable. It works with PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, and VR or anything with a 3.5mm headphone jack. they're certified for both TeamSpeak and Discord.

Final Thoughts

Priced at an affordable $99.99 on Amazon, HyperX has over again made a headset that feels great within the hands and performs sort of a champion.

Everything from the coloring, to the comfort, to the nice sounding 50mm speakers these gamer-focused headphones really shine in an exceedingly market that's full of numerous options to settle on from.

Listening to music was pleasant whether or not I felt that it needed an equalizer, although gaming was a good experience which is what HyperX was striving towards. They reproduce sounds accurately, allow precise hearing, and might actually improve your gaming experience.

My favorite a part of all is that the attention to detail and therefore the build quality put into the Cloud Alpha. you'd be hard-pressed to search out a better-constructed headset at this price point.