| Taco Bell Customer Survey Official is an official customer satisfaction record website provided by Taco Bell franchise to know there customer liking and disliking of there products .

Taco Bell franchise provides each of there customer a chance to participate in there survey program and lucky customer takes home a whopping $500 cash price to give there valuable feedback to the company.

In this article we will discuss about complete details to participate in the tellthebell contest to register for a chance to win $500 free cash prize to just complete a 2 minute survey for the chain.

Taco Bell is a Pepsi Co company chain of fast food generally based in United States of America but having footprints all across the globe and is famous for its one of a type tacos.

Tellthebell Survey Details:

To participate in tellthebell survey you must have a valid receipt generated during your recent visit to the chain or through online mode if it is delivered through company app or website.

In the receipt you will find all the required details including your 16 digit survey code which is must for participation in the survey.

Most likely the survey is based for American residents but the survey is valid for all the customers and also the website has other language option as well specially provided for there customer living outside of US.

You must register for the survey within a period of 7 days from your purchase at the Taco Bell store, after 7 days your survey code is not valid. Survey Participation Guide:

Visit there official website at which looks like the below image.

Now fill in the required details shared in the article above.

Once you are ready now all you have to do is to fill in genuine responses to the query asked in the survey . Do not exaggerate your responses to win the prize money as this survey is conducted to improve there services and hence the chain requires genuine information about how a customer thinks of the products and services.

Now you are done with your part , sit back and complete other survey which you can find on our homepage. Within a day a two if you are lucky you will receive your $500 gift card.